Ballet for Kids ( Ages 3 up )


Children begin by learning basic warm-up and stretch exercises. 
Warm-up routines are followed by simple, early ballet movements, taught to fun music in a playful environment. 
Children learn to follow instructions and cooperate with others in a group and a small vocabulary of ballet terms is introduced.

Reap the benefits that ballet classes can bring self-confidence, friendships, self-discipline, 
and the joy of movement. These can be used as a springboard to learn new skills.

New students must complete a trial/assessment class. Please contact us to set up an trial class.

Please arrive early for your trial class to allow for plenty of time to dress your child for class.
We will not admit a child into a class for an assessment if the class has already begun.

KWBS reserves the right to ask parents to come back another day if they are late.

We encourage children to attend their first class without their parent in the room.


Dress Code

Traditional leotards or dance dresses (leos with skirts attached) are acceptable .  
Tights and  ballet shoes are required for all KIDS BALLET.
Hair must always be worn up and away from the face and neck (in a bun, if possible) and securely fastened.



Students must be ready to start class on time.
If you are tardy, proper ballet etiquette requires a student stand in the doorway until the teacher invites the child to join the class.
We request that you attempt to refrain from stopping teachers to chat before and after classes as their schedules are extremely tight and your questions could make them late to his or her next class.
If you need to speak to an instructor about your child, please contact us to arrange a meeting.
Parents and guardians of younger students (under 7 years old) are expected to wait in the lounge area until class is complete.
While parents are not allowed into classrooms, on certain occasions, they may visit a class with special permission from the teacher.


Book a free trial class

E-MAIL TO kwballetschool@gmail.com