Adult Class Beginner-For someone never have ballet class before

Adult Basic- for adult who have taking ballet at least one year

Adult Intermediate- for adult who have taking ballet at least three year.

Adult Pointe Class- For adult who have taking ballet at least two years
and will be charge extra NT$150 beside normal class fee.

For more information, please write to kwballetschool@gmail.com


KWBS offers  classes for adults throughout the year allowing dance enthusiasts the opportunity to study under Mr. Wang, as well as our esteemed faculty.

All classes are 1.5 hours long .

Please check our website or Facebook Page for updates if a class has been cancelled due to illness or if there is a sub for that day.

New students must complete a placement class. Please CONTACT US to set up an placement class.

Dress Code

There is not a dress code for our open adult classes. We do however expect appropriate dance attire and proper ballet shoes be worn in the classroom.



Trial class fee are NTD 350 once per person. We offer 10-60 classes cards have different limit of time and discount. 



We ask that students arrive on time to class, properly warmed up.
All students must sign-in class card at front desk before entering the classroom. 
Cell phones must be turned off or silenced. Please no texting in class. No food or gum is allowed in our studios; water only please.