In Levels 1 – 5, children will engage in a variety of activities that increase body coordination and musicality. Grace, poise and balance will also become more developed. Students learn self-discipline, an ability to focus on goals, and a capacity to work cooperatively with others.

​In Levels 6 and 7, students’ skills are further refined to meet the challenges of new and increasingly complex variations.  
Dancers begin to develop their individual strengths and learn to use them to achieve artistic expression.  
At these levels, many dancers may discover a path to more serious training and may even begin to contemplate a career in ballet.

Before registration, new students must complete a placement class. Please CONTACT US to set up an placement class.

Dress Code

Uniform in the appropriate level color must be worn for every class.
All students must wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes (with elastics sewn on).
Hair must always be worn up in a bun and securely fastened.
Rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, or hoop earrings may not be worn in class. Small stud earrings are acceptable.

​Boys are required to wear white tee shirts or tank tops along with black leggings or tights.
Boys in Level 1 may wear black shorts.
We also ask that boys wear white socks and white ballet shoes. Hair must always be out of the face, away from the eyes.



Students must be punctual and ready to start class at the designated time. If a student is tardy,
proper ballet etiquette requires a student stand in the doorway until the teacher invites the child in to join class.

We ask students to behave in class as they would in an academic school room: listening to and showing respect toward teachers, being kind and respectful to fellow students, and keeping a positive attitude.



We charge tuition per semester only. We do not offer monthly or daily pricing.
Tuition will vary depending on the length of each semester and how many classes a student registers for in that semester.